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6 Illegal Reasons for Firing an Employee
Mission, KS
02/13/2020 11:20 AM

Almost all employment in the United States is at-will. (Montana is the only state that doesn’t have at-will employment as a default. Unions or a contractual obligation for a particular position are the other exceptions.) That means you can fire someone for any reason or no reason as long as that reason isn’t prohibited by law. (Full Article)



Pinnacle Employer Services is a human capital management company providing customized human resource solutions for our clients.  By partnering with Pinnacle, we will help you manage the ever-changing landscape in the business of having employees.  With our proactive approach to Human Resources, we will give you and your employees the support needed to increase revenue and decrease your company’s liability.  Your employees are your biggest “asset” and their satisfaction is directly related to the environment you provide. HR’s role in any organization is to create a culture of success, while bringing your company’s vision into reality. 

Our core suite of services includes:

=       Staffing/ Recruiting

=       HR Outsourcing

=       Payroll Processing

 – Our goal is to customize a solution that best fits your company’s needs.

Angelo Zuniga
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