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Leonor Estrada Feng Shui
Leonor Estrada Feng Shui
Feng Shui
"The power of Feng Shui lies in the subtlety of the abstract forces of the inner and outer environment".
Feng Shui is one of the five arts of Chinese metaphysics; it is the study of the abstract forces that surround us and how they affect us.
Classic feng shui goes far beyond interior decoration or furniture positioning; in practice, this is the last step of a classic feng shui study.

Analyzing our house using feng shui gives us insight into the intangible characteristics of the place where we live, providing us with information on financial, physical and mental situations, which originate because of the energy to which we are exposed for long periods.

Knowing this we will have a clear vision about the quality of life that a certain place will offer us. To understand feng shui it is necessary to analyze two aspects which are complementary and can’t be omitted or ignored:
- The visual aspect: represented by the geography of the place, the shapes of construction and the surroundings, orientation and others.
- The invisible aspect: represented by the abstract forces that surround us, also known as Qi.

It is so subtle and powerful at the same time, even though we don’t see it the unconscious perceives it influencing our body and mind in different ways: sometimes in a positive way, benefiting areas of our life so we experience well-being and prosperity; other times, generating discomfort in general. For example, it can affect relationships, we can begin to experience diseases or illnesses such as depression, fatigue, insomnia, etc. – all this as a consequence of the negative influence of the environment.
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