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Robin Tam

Deborah Tanis

Ms. Jill Tassinari

Erica Tavares

Ms. Bonnie Templeman

Debbie Thelen

Kenneth Theriot
Executive Director
Ken started his career in Tampa, FL while attending University of South Florida, while in school he cofounded a video production company which allowed him to gain unparalleled experience in the content marketing space, while also establishing himself as a respected brand strategist. Currently working as a Executive Director for TheRiot Agency, Ken is widely known for his marketing and brand expertise and the application of technology to drive growth while improving overall brand experience. While his career has taken him around the world, Ken, his wife Jill, son Benjamin and dog Barley are proud to call Plymouth home.

Mr. Simon Thomas

Ms. Julie Thompson

Julie Thompson

Dorothy Torrey
Founder of Path to Vibrant Health

Lifestyle Coach and founder of Path to Vibrant Health. Have spent the last 20+ years researching and developing a wholistic approach to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Coordinator for Dr. Tel-Oren's holistic skin clinics, (the removal of skin lesions, moles, tags, etc. with NO surgery), and his functional medicine lectures. Hosts other extraordinary health practitioners who also search for the root cause of illness and disease in order to have resiliency throughout your life.


Richard Torrey
Director of Education

Mr. Jeff Tracy

Mr. F. Steven Triffletti

Rachel Tristano
Chief Executive Officer

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