Crown Hill Cemetery Joins Chamber
Pasadena, TX
03/10/2017 10:00 AM
The Crown Hill Cemetery, a new member of the Chamber of Commerce, was established with its first burial in 1906 of E. Payson Pomeroy. Since that time, the cemetery has grown to 377 grave sites with names associated to them, but many more with no names and no records. Most of these have headstones, but many do not; and one section designated for pauper burials. These graves are members of the founding families from Pasadena that many will recognize; families such as the Pomeroy, Pitts, Quinn, Boyd, and Kruse to name a few. These names include veterans of wars from the Civil War, the Spanish American War, WW1, WW2 and the Korean War. The last burial was held in 2007, and we know of no other family that has persons living that can be buried here. The Crown Hill Cemetery is a State of Texas Historical Cemetery.

Our volunteers got involved in the Crown Hill Cemetery, because they saw a need to preserve the history of Pasadena, the struggles of the pioneers fighting diseases, droughts and just hard times in the late 1800’s and into the 1900’s.
We also found out that the Crown Hill Cemetery Association had run out of money, and had nowhere to turn. We decided it was time to get the Association back on its feet. The first thing we did was to get the cemetery cleaned up. A Face Book page was started and a date picked. With 60 volunteers and the help of local industries, we were able to mow, cut trees back, and find lost grave makers, (20), that had grass growing over them. The Association elected new Board Members to renew interest in keeping the Crown Hill Cemetery in a position where every person in Pasadena would be proud to visit.  

One of the first things accomplished was to get the Association set up with by-laws, and be approved as a 501c organization through the IRS. These things have been done, but now we are at a point that it’s hard to move to the next level without donations. We are in need of money to help in the upkeep of the cemetery. We have been able to get volunteers to help, but as you know, this is always difficult as grass grows faster than time allows for the volunteers time.
The Crown Hill Cemetery sits on approximately 6 acres of land. The cost to mow the grounds is from $550 to $800 by a landscape company, so we count on volunteers for much of this including cosmetic and improvement items, but it is a big task.

We are asking for donations from companies to help get the Cemetery back into shape for the years to come. We have several donation support levels and these amounts would get us going. We have many projects that need to be accomplished, such as maintenance and upkeep/improvements, the repair of grave stones that have been damaged, replacing/adding new signs, installing electric lights on the flag pole, repair fencing that is damaged, supply benches for sitting and repair the building that is in need of repair and much more.

Your support of the Crown Hill Cemetery would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions please call our office at the Pasadena Historical Museum, 204 Main Street, in Pasadena at (281) 472-0565.
Michael Murphey
President, Crown Hill Cemetery Association
Michael Murphey
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