05/11/2018 06:09 PM
Moorestown, N.J. - Parents of students with special needs sometimes need a lawyer when negotiating with or confronting their child’s school. But sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they just need the guidance and peace-of-mind that comes from a Special Education advocate.   

The law firm of Posternock Apell saw a chance to better serve this community by having both attorneys and advocates all in the same place, increasing the available tools and decreasing the cost to parents.

 The firm is so committed to the addition of advocates to their special education practice they named the group: Advo-Kids. Most of Posternock Apell’s Special Education services are offered on a flat-fee basis to remove the uncertainty that customarily accompanies hourly law firm work.

The lawyers at Posternock Apell have always had a negotiation-first approach to resolving disputes. The firm’s experience with special education law only strengthened their belief that, whenever possible, working with schools outside the courtroom almost always leads to better outcomes than battling them inside a courtroom. Adding advocates to the firm’s arsenal of attorneys is the logical extension of that philosophy.

Along with the name “Advo-Kids,” the firm’s Special Education group has developed a new website (, a new phone number (833-Advo-Kid), and a beautiful new logo. They have also rented additional office space and designed it with children in mind, complete with a fish tank, toys, and other calming influences for kids while their parents consult with one of the firm’s advocates or attorneys.

“What we’re doing with Advo-Kids is something completely unique,” said the firm’s managing partner Dan Posternock, Esq., a Moorestown resident and attorney for more than 30 years. “And something completely unique is exactly what the parents of students with special needs require.”

The firm launched Advo-Kids after years of observation and research, experiencing the community’s needs for and frustration with Special Education help first-hand. Posternock Apell moved forward with Advo-Kids only after countless one-on-one and roundtable meetings with parents, teachers, and administrators led to a conclusion they could not ignore: the Special Education community needed a better bridge between parents and schools. Advo-Kids is going to be that bridge.

For more information on Advo-Kids, you can log-on to their website (, call (833-Advo-Kid), or email the firm’s managing partner Dan Posternock, Esq. directly at         

Lori Sacalis
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