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Chiropractic care is great for getting people out of pain and suffering, but even more importantly, it helps people achieve optimal health by bringing the body back into balance. Dr. Judge is highly trained in the Blair Upper Cervical technique which is designed to provide powerful results for our patients with the least amount of adjusting.

Do you value your independence? Do you want to move, run, jump, and play pain free? Forever Oak Health Center specializes in providing a personal one on one experience that is tailored to your needs to meet your goals. We treat patients who have been dealing with pain for a long time and tried many different approaches with no success. Many of our patients have complicated cases that others can't figure out, and we believe that's where we can help. We take treatment seriously for those who want to seriously feel better. This isn't your regular chiropractic clinic, this is where you come when you're looking for hope. Wouldn't you rather spend a few weeks fixing biomechanics in your body that have developed over years/decades than having surgery that may or may not work? Give us a call and setup a free consultation where you can talk to the doctor one on one in person.

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