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Area wounded veterans to be honored September 7th JSC Welcome Center. Sponsors Needed!
Webster, TX
05/24/2018 11:09 AM

As we near the 17th year since September 11th 2001 the Coalition is working around the clock to keep up with the needs of wounded and disabled veteran families across the US. 

The US has been entrenched in an ongoing and costly war in both Iraq and Afghanistan with no clearly defined boundries or timelines. The toll this lenghth of war and number of catastrophically wounded and disabled veterans is high and has taken a Cooperative approach to meeting thier needs while they strive for normalcy and earned benefits. When emergencies happen they are flocking to nonprofits to provide them the help they can't get federally and though the news no longer covers the daily struggles in the war, the number of wounded military veterans in need is now, in 2018 higher than ever. 

A large reason for this is undignosed TBI (traumatic brain injury) and PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder). By the time some of our men and women who serve know they've got this deadly combination, they've often struggled for years to make better of themselves, make friends and maintain a normal quality of life. This combination though, prevents that from inside. The loss of self, property and sometimes family have led to the alarming number of veteran who are taking their own lives at home and pasing thier pain and financial woes to their famiies. 

We at the Coalition want to keep families together. We want to keep the lights on and keep veteran in their homes. If they don't reach a point of desperation where they'll consider making that horrible choice, than we can give them hope. With the communities help we can give them the ability to prosper. 

This event will feaure an incredible Naval Aviator and current Astronaut that has inspired audiences from all over the world. Help the Coalition to continue helping wounded military families across Texas and the United States. We need your help. We have sponsorships available and if company sponsorship isn't possible,consider purchasing event tickets.

Donny Daughenbaugh
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