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Mr. Victor Moyer
Creative Director

Victor Moyer isn't a purist when it comes to design. As Creative  Director of Levant, he channels a client's vision from idea to execution  with an emphasis on cooperation and quality. And with nearly 20 years of design experience, he is a master at striking balance between beauty and practicality.

Victor is the co-creator of the critically acclaimed  board game ScrumBrawl,  as well as a proud husband and father of five. He is a lover of science  fiction and fantasy novels, and a strong opponent of the plot  inaccuracies found in the Hobbit movies.

When he isn't working, Victor can be found playing Magic the Gathering, leading a church congregation, or learning German with his kids.

Victor has designed over 600+ custom website designs, logos, and mobile apps with Levant Technologies,


Dr. Ashley Muckala

Megan Muir, CMP
Vice President of Events

Zac Muir, CMP
Vice President of Production

Mr. Russell Mulinix

Chris Munroe
Sr. Aviation Planner

Mr. James Murnan
Audio/Visual and Production Specialist

Ms. Deborah Murphy

Ms. Janie Murphy

Mr. Mike Murphy
Executive Vice President/CFO

Ms. Phyllis Murray

Mr. Ron Murray

Mr. William Murray

Mr. Mitch Musgrove

Nicole Myers

Rita Myers

Dr. Gabe Nabors

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