CC-Assist.NET provides Web pages for a variety of online services that integrate seamlessly into your Web site. You can experiment with the various facilities in CC-Assist.NET and use this Web site and its "practice" online database to see the results.
The Online Business Directory automatically links your CC-Assist.NET membership data to your Web site and can be a great source of non-dues revenue. With the Online Business Directory you can easily customize or create enhanced Member listings which may optionally include a colored background, company logo, links to the Member's Web site, e-mail addresses, map of the Member's location, etc. In addition, you can include business advertisements for select Members at the top of any of your business category listings.
The Online Calendar of Events automatically links event information in your database with your Web site. You can customize Event listings in your Web site using different colored backgrounds and images. You can offer multiple levels of registration. Online registrations and online payments for both Members and non-Members automatically integrate into the CC-Assist.NET database in real-time.
Members may log into a Members-only section of your Web site and view and update their basic information. They may also view their account activity and pay open invoices online. Any changes made by your Members through the Members-only section automatically integrate into the CC-Assist.NET database in real-time. An audit log of these changes is available so that you can easily view the changes which your Members have made.
Make your Web site a community hub using the CC-Assist.NET Online Community Events Calendar to which members of the community can submit their own events online. When a Community Event is submitted online you will receive an e-mail notification and must give approval before it displays in your calendar.
Make joining your chamber a simple one-step process with our customizable Online New Member Application.
Provide a venue for your members to advertise their Member Promotions online through your Web site. Generate more non-dues revenue by offering a "preferred" status which gives a member's Promotion higher visibility. A Member Promotion may include images, descriptive text, requirements, contact information, and a term of availability. Provide quantitative feedback to your member's detailing how often their promotions are viewed.
Boost employment in your area and help your members fill job openings with the right candidates by advertising job availability through your Online Job Search in your Web site. Allow job applicants to search your job listings in sophisticated combinations to make finding the right job easy.
Help keep your members and your community connected by allowing members to publish news articles in your Online News Center in your Web site.